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ILLUSIO is a plastic surgery simulation tool that enables a surgeon and patient to have a visual discussion about all of the possible outcomes of breast augmentation. Our revolutionary artistic platform gives the surgeon the perfect opportunity to create the ideal size and shape for every possible situation. The best part is that now the surgeon and patient will share the same visual expectation of surgery, and equally important, have a mutual understanding of the limitations of surgery based on the patient’s unique anatomy. Remember, ILLUSIO is primarily an artistic tool created to manage patient expectations. With ILLUSIO, the overall time per consult could become shorter and patients could make decisions quicker and with much more confidence. Above all, they will have fun with the process. The ability to look into our “Virtual Mirror” and see themselves with their virtual breasts is new and exciting and provides a real “Wow” experience. As patients become engaged in the process they will very likely want to share their ILLUSIO experience with their friends and family.

What Women Want

When ILLUSIO first became available, surgeons saw an immediate increase in their surgery rates and positive patient reviews. Since then, ILLUSIO has now been introduced to plastic surgery offices across the country. ILLUSIO surgeons continue to report an increase in surgery sales as high as 90% as well as an increase in positive patient reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. They are confirming that patients have a greater understanding of what their post surgical breast profile could look like, they also understand why their surgeon is recommending the size and shape of their implant. Besides the sales increase ILLUSIO shows, it also tremendously reduces re-operation rates because their patients know what they are getting before the surgery.

A Virtual Real-Time Mirror

With ILLUSIO, we’ve built a virtual mirror where patients can see themselves, see their face, turn side-to-side and actually see what they could look like in the future. As they watch in real time, their doctor can manipulate the virtual breast model and describe everything verbally AND visually so that the patient understands exactly what the surgeon is proposing. With ILLUSIO, both the surgeon and patient will have the same image of the desired outcome.

Women Overwhelmingly Choose ILLUSIO

Recently, ILLUSIO attended one of the worlds largest Aesthetics Show to demonstrate to attendees the power of ILLUSIO's powerful 3D Augmented breast simulation software. We also surveyed them on several key questions

97% Prefer ILLUSIO

Women surveyed, prefer to use ILLUSIO during their surgeons breast consults.

98% Confidence

Women surveyed, tell us that ILLUSIO would add to their understanding of the procedure and increase their confidence in making a decision.

95% Confirm ILLUSIO

Women who have already had breast augmentation surgery would have made different decisions if they had an ILLUSIO consult.