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Benefits for Surgeons

ILLUSIO is the next generation in computer imaging. Featuring the latest in 3D augmented reality technology, ILLUSIO combines a fluid and lifelike 3D virtual image of your patient's breasts with a live image of her face and body to transform a wall-mounted display into a virtual mirror. Your patients can now see themselves and their future bodies in real time. When patients are able to see what they could look like after surgery, size and outcome anxiety is reduced and patient satisfaction rates climb.

Augmented Reality Technology

ILLUSIO’s augmented reality software overlays fluid and lifelike 3D virtual breasts on a patient’s body to transform a computer display or TV into a virtual mirror. Our proprietary artistic adapters and deformers allow surgeons to easily manipulate our virtual models to quickly replicate any real life body characteristics.

Today, we are helping our client surgeons with an imaging system for breast augmentation surgery. In the coming years we will adapt our system to be used in other cosmetic procedures such as abdominoplasty and rhinopolasty.

Visual Breast Profile

With ILLUSIO we’ve built a virtual mirror where your patients can see themselves, their face, turn side-to-side and actually see what they could look like post surgery. As they’re watching in real time you can manipulate their virtual breasts and explain why certain shapes and sizes would be more appropriate for them. Additionally, you can visually demonstrate to your patients why certain procedures may be more favorable to them. This education process will lead to a higher level of trust by your patient and in most cases, a quicker booking time and higher outcome satisfaction.


Using ILLUSIO during your consult doesn't just enhance your day of consult. By creating an account profile on ILLUSIO for your patient, if they do not convert that day, they will have the freedom of reviewing your breast profiles on their body at home, with their family and friends. If they are not confident on consult day, providing access to images of them wearing their potential breast profile, they will be able to leaverage the opinions of others that are close to them. With ILLUSIO's social media hooks, they will also be able to share audience appropriate images online with your practices brand directly on the image.

Simple Set Up and Go!

Simple to install and with an intuitive user interface, patient coordinators and surgeons can easily adjust the settings to match the specific measurements and specifications of each patient. With a unique login, you can save these results in patient folders on our safe and private system for easy access. Patients can later retrieve and review their own results in the comfort of their own homes. ILLUSIO has rapidly increased consultation conversion rates and patient satisfaction, helping surgeons across the country close more business and avoid costly revisions.

Manage Patient Expectations

ILLUSIO is a plastic surgery simulation tool that enables a surgeon and patient to have a visual discussion about all of the possible outcomes of breast augmentation. Our revolutionary artistic platform gives the surgeon the perfect opportunity to create the ideal size and shape for every possible situation. The best part is that now the surgeon and patient will share the same exact visual expectation of surgery, and equally important, have a mutual understanding of the limitations of surgery based on the patient’s unique anatomy.

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